Vihan Khanna / Founder & CEO

Vihan Khanna / Founder & CEO

Vihan Khanna / Founder & CEO

Vihan Khanna is the founder of Visionaries Film Festival and the author of the book What’s Your Plus?

In 2015, Vihan became an Eagle Scout which is the highest rank achievable in the Boy Scouts. This is an honor only achieved by 4% of all Boy Scouts.

In 2019, Vihan started Visionaries Film Festival which is an annual international film festival for student filmmakers and other emerging filmmakers.

In 2020, Vihan published his book What’s Your Plus? A book to help people discover what makes them stand out. It has many great insights for navigating college and making the most of the experience and how to turn a hobby into a business. The book contains stories from many well-known people as well as interviews with lesser-known yet equally or more relatable people.

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